2020 New Year, New Goals

Another year! I’m so excited for 2020 and all the possibilities a new year will bring… This year we’re trying to buy a house, expand our family, and so many other great new adventures!

But this is a book blog…so let’s talk about some more bookish goals shall we?

This year I want to read/listen to 122 books! This is 22 books higher than my last years goal, and with all my personal goals I’m not too sure if i’ll be able to achieve it, but I cannot wait to try!

Some other goals I want to achieve:

  • Finish every book I currently own
    • I have approximately 50 books on my shelf that I haven’t read yet – I’ve been limiting my book buying a lot lately in determination to read everything I own. I’m SO CLOSE to finishing them all and I really hope to end 2020 with a very small physical TBR pile.
  • Be diligent with bookstagram
    • Right now I’m super inconsistent on bookstagram photos. I take them the same day, and I’ll skip two or three days of posting. I want to get into the habit of actually taking multiple photos at once, and posting at least once everyday.
  • Stay on top of this blog, expand, and have fun
    • This! Right now most of my posts are done last minute. My goal is to take sometime this weekend and knock out most of my posts for the next few weeks, and then consistently write one or two every week. I want to stay at least three weeks ahead at all time. So hopefully you’ll see new posts every Monday and Thursday, if not, it means I’m not keeping up with it!
  • Open bookish digital planner shop
    • This one I’m really excited about it! I’ve been slowing working on making my own planner pages on GoodNotes, and I’m almost ready to open up a shop for them on Etsy. Stay tuned for details and fun giveaways!
  • Finish writing book
    • Outside of buying a home, this is my main goal for the year. I outlined a book idea back in October, and have been very inconsistently writing over the past few months. I’ve been too hung up on getting the words perfect right away, and have finally started to be able to just get the words down, no matter how imperfect they are. I’m learning to just write the story, and I can flesh out the details and get the words perfect later on. I’m hoping to have a first draft done by April, and then spend the next few months fleshing out the details and getting everything how I want it. And maybe just maybe, one day I’ll get to see my name in print.

I have a lot of goals for the new year, and I’m nervous. I’m not always the best at time management and I need to work on working towards my goals just a little bit each day.

I cannot wait to see where this new year takes me, and I’m so excited to include all of you in it!

What are some of your goals this year?

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