My Reading Bullet Journal

Today I wanted to walk you through how I use my bullet journal to track my reading!

If you’re unfamiliar with a Bullet Journal its a daily planner system that you can easily customize to your individuals needs. To learn more about the bullet journal system check out the website here.

In my journal I have a few pages devoted to reading.

First up we have my bookshelf! Here I have all the physical books that I have unread on my shelves. I’m trying my best to color code which ones I’ve read each month – but we’ll see how that works out for the rest of the year!
The bottom row is reserved for my Agatha’s – I’m still slowly working my way through those!

The second page is my non-physical books. The top half is for Kindle books and Digital ARC’s.

The bottom half is all my audiobooks! I couldn’t figure out the nicest way to write these so its kind of simple.

Next up we have my actual Reading Tracker! These are the books I’ve read so far this year. I have it listed with Title, Author, length, rating, month read, and where it falls in a series.

I like this page because its a quick at a glance for how many books I’ve read each month and how I’m liking the books I’ve read so far.

My Agatha Christie Tracker. This one is where I’m tracking…well Agatha Christie. I have a complete list of all of her books and I’m marking them off as I read them! The first dot is for ones that I own, the second one is for once I’ve read it. This one is very slowly filling up, but it will get there.

Finally is my Book Series Tracker. I only just made this page, so I still need to make it all pretty. But I’m going to use this one whenever I start a new series or read a book from a series. I feel like there’s a lot of amazing book series that I haven’t finished because so much time passes between books and I forget. (I’m not blaming the authors – I know writing takes time, I’m blaming my own forgetful head.)

The one thing I don’t like about this set up is there’s no easy way to mark books as read. I’m using the tallies to show how many, but im not the biggest fan of how it looks.

There’s still a fee more pages I plan on adding throughout the year:

  • ARC Tracker for all the digital (and maybe one day physical!) books I get.
  • Pre-Order Guide and Pre-Order Incentives
  • Books I Want To Buy
  • Book Releases by Month

There’s still a few more ideas but we’ll see what I end up with! Maybe I’ll revisit this in a few months and see what I’ve done.

How do you keep track of your reading? Do you use a Bullet Journal?

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