Reading Challenge Updates

This year has been a roller coaster of events. From natural disasters, viruses, and personal dramas the year has been torture so far.

And with all of this my reading levels have gone way down.

I’m still working, I’m homeschooling on my days off, and I’m busy cleaning/grocery shopping/getting my life together on the few remaining days. There’s no time to breathe, and definitely no time to read.

I planned my Goodreads Reading Challenge carefully this year. 122 books. That’s just over 10 books a month

For 2019 my goal was 100 books and for most of the year I was ahead of schedule, as I usually don’t read as much during the holidays.

I know it’s meaningless, I know nothing happens if I don’t reach this goal…but it still sucks.

I’ve been not buying as many books for about two years now (SUPER hard, but I just don’t have the space right now), and I have 60-70 unread physical books in my home total. Reading most of these, plus my audiobooks, digital books, and arc’s, would put me above my goal.

Instead, I’m currently 13 books behind. I’m kicking ass this month, finishing 7 books so far this month and I hope to find time to finish 5-6 more.

So what changed this month? I decided to prioritize my reading. Not so that I can reach this meaningless goal, but so I can feel more like myself for the first time in months.

I’ve been spending months staring at my phone when I have some downtime, getting agitated at the people I love because I’m just so stressed, but I realized I need to prioritize the things that make me happy. I need to make more time for myself to just relax. And for me, that means sitting down with a book.

And if it also means I’ll get to meet that meaningless goal of 122 books, I’m okay with that too.

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