Book Reviews

I’m Failing Again.

For I think the third or fourth time now, I’m failing at keeping up with my blog.

I write my book reviews and bookish things for several reasons:

A) I truly enjoy writing
B) I like to interact with other people who like the same books or bookish shops as I do
C) because I honestly want to monetize my blog one day.

But its hard to do any of these things WHEN I JUST CAN’T KEEP UP WITH IT.

I forget to write book reviews, I skip over other post ideas that I planned on making. I basically just give up over and over and over again.

Which means I cannot connect with other people who like the same things as I do, and I sure as hell can never monetize my blog if its so damn inconsistent.
So much has happened in my life this year, and its been a hard life for all of us, and I’m really hoping I can get back to my version of normal soon.

I plan on redesigning my site again this week – I’m doing away with book box reviews and a few other things.

I want to focus more on book reviews, new releases, and honest genuine life updates. This year has been one of the toughest of my life so far, and also one of the best. I want to share everything from my take on recent protests and the BLM movement coursing through my city, I want to share my thoughts on authors and publishers who I disagree with or ones who I like. I want to share about my recent marriage and the fact that we bought a house! There is so much I want to do and write about, and I really hope I can actually share it all in my little anonymous corner of the internet.

Here’s to hoping I can start to be a little more consistent.

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