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Anti TBR: Books I’ll Never Read

We all see the books that people LOVE or their recommendations, but sometimes it’s fun to talk about the books on the other side. The ones you dislike, or the one’s you just have absolutely no desire to read.

So here’s a few popular books and series that I just have no desire to read! Now if you love these books, thats great! I know not everyone has the same taste and I’m sure some of my favorite reads are some people’s least favorite. Part of the fun of this community is how different everyone is!

The Poppy Wars RF Kaung

I’ve heard a lot about this one since some special editions of it came out. I read the synopsis once, forgot what it said, and decided this is one of those books that no matter how much my friends love it, its not for me.

Blood and Ash series by Jennifer L Armentrout

This is another one that I’ve seen a lot of recently. This book has everything I usually look for in a fantasy book, but the author’s writing style just isn’t my thing. I’ve looked at a few samples of a variety of her works, and this is one of those “its not you, its me” things.

Artemis Fowl be Eoin Colfer

I have no idea what these are about. I have no idea what genre they are, what age they’re recommended for, absolutely nothing.

And you know what? I honestly don’t care to find anything out about it.

Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle) by Christopher Paolini

Again, I have absolutely no idea what this series is about. I’m assuming dragons? Either way, I skipped over the middle grade genre completely as a child and don’t really see a need to go back to it now.

Anything and Everything Sarah J Maas.

I tried reading Throne of Glass years ago and I think I made it about five pages before I decided I was done. Since then, she’s obviously becoming a HUGE author and a lot of my friends love her books. But every time I hear the descriptions of her books or see samples of her writing, it leaves me less than interested. Along with that there’s also been countless plagiarism issues brought up, toxic fans (some of her fans recently bullied an actress because she followed SJM shortly after her screen adaption was announced) and honestly, I don’t understand the Fan appeal. I cannot see myself ever reading any of her books, and I’m okay with that!

John Green

I’ve read two John Green books, and they are some of my least favorite books I’ve ever suffered through. They were Paper Towns and The Fault In Our Stars. They were predictable, boring, and just not my thing at all. I will never put myself through reading another one of his books or watching any of the movie adaptions.

Ready Player 2 by Ernest Cline

There are three books that I would never recommend to anyone. One is called The Circle, another is Vox, and the last one is Ready Player One. I hated RPO. I hated how you couldn’t make it through any sentence without an obscure 80’s reference, or how poorly written all the female characters are, how unrealistic the fact that a child was able to solve the clues SO EASILY, where everyone else failed. Also, the book actually had a concrete solid ending. So why does it need a sequel? I have no idea what this is about, and I don’t want to know. I’m assuming that somehow there was a second hidden game that now needs to be solved, but this time in the 90s!

What’s on your Anti-TBR? What do you think of the ones on mine?

6 thoughts on “Anti TBR: Books I’ll Never Read”

  1. Totally agree with the John Green books, got a free copy of An Abundance of Katherines a few years back and it was so boring and also very obsessed with the manic pixie dreamgirl trope. Definitely can’t imagine picking up another one of his books. And Ernest Cline definitely seems to have some weird issues with women (he wrote a poem a while back about nerdy girls that was so so creepy) so I’ve never tried with any of his books. I think my one is Tahareh Mafi books. Her Shatter Me series is so hyped, but I found the romance really problematic and I couldn’t imagine picking up another one of her books.

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    1. Yes!!!! Everyone loves John Green but all of them see for be the manic pixie dream girl troupe and I can’t do it.
      I’ve never seen the nerdy girl poem and now I’m both scared and intrigued….might go look it up.
      The shatter me series is one that I’ve almost bought sooo many times but always find a reason not too, I think after hearing that it’s firmly going in the will not buy pile!


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