Book Reviews

I Stopped Blogging…Again

I made spreadsheets…reminders…and I fell off of this AGAIN.

I think a big part of it for me is lack of engagement. I could sit here all day and be like “number of followers and likes doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy with the content you put out” blah blah blah…

But honestly, that would be a load of shit.

I’ve had my bookstagram account and this blog for a few years now…but the engagement numbers on both make it look like they’re brand new accounts. It makes me spiral into a self-deprecating hole of “what am I doing wrong? why don’t people like my stuff?” and then there’s the comparing to others “her photos are just a book with no props or clever captions, why does she have so many more followers? Their blog posts consist of two line reviews, why do they get so many more comments than I do?” And I HATE falling down this whole, because I am proud of the girl who posts photos of books with great lighting and gets really high engagement, I am ecstatic for the person who writes short reviews but inspires so many people to read these books. Comparing my content to that of other people is never the way to go, but there are those days where I feel like everyone is doing something right except for me.

So this time around I’m saying FUCK IT. I have probably 50 or so saved photos in my instagram of ones I want to do ‘inspired by’ photos, I’m deleting all of them. For 2022 I am following ZERO formula for what my blog or my bookstagram ‘should be’ and instead its going to be whatever the hell I want it to be, when I want it to be.

And since my social media anxiety isn’t already through the goddamn roof, I am making yet another instagram page for my navigating my first attempt at a digital bullet journal! I’ve done paper bujo’s in the past and I’m excited to see how the digital journey goes…will I keep up with it? who knows!

Positive vibes going into the next year, sprinkled in with book reviews, failed blogging attempts, at my attempts to figure this shit out.

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