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I’m Back…Again

Hello to the five people who read this!

Seriously though, I always make such a big deal about how I am so inconsistent and terrible at this, but why does it matter anyway when I have so few people who read this anyway?

But for the sake of being able to showcase more of my ARC’s from Netgalley and books that are sent to me, I want to be somewhat consistent again. I want to use my tiny little corner to showcase books that I’m reading and books that I love, books that are brand new to the world, or just ones that are new to me.

I’m also considering posting my book reviews on tiktok…but I’m not too sure how I feel about that yet. I’m not the biggest fan of having my face out there in the world like that, but we’ll see!

But there will be a new book review for an upcoming release out next Monday! So stay tuned and get ready for me to be around a whole lot more!

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