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I Said I’d Be Back And Then Disappeared…Here’s My New Personal Reading Challenge.

Consistency is apparently NOT my thing on here.

In addition to being extremely behind and inconsistent with book blogging, I am also insanely far behind on NetGalley reads, physical ARC reads, and just meeting my reading goals in general.

Now I don’t care too much about if I don’t meet my goodreads challenge, I’m not competing to read the most books in a year or anything, but I am upset that I’m behind on my ARC’s and on some of my personal reading goals.

Here’s my TBR Shelf that I desperately want to read most of this year…lets see if I can work my way through it.

There is NO WAY I am going to make it through all of these books in seven months….

And then there’s my Goodreads…lets ignore the fact that I am THIRTY books behind on my reading challenge (because remember we’re not focusing on that anymore), but lets talk about how I’ve only read 28 books so far…

Thats 5-6 book a month on average, which for me is REALLY LOW. I used to read 10-15 books a month, now I’m lucky if I physically read one while listening to the rest on way to work.

So my new reading challenge is a simple one that dozens have done before me, just one hour of reading a day. I’m only counting physically reading a book, because I do listen to audiobooks throughout the day, but I want to focus on actually reading as well (plus I read a lot faster than I listen so I’ll get through more books!)

Since I am also planning on actually writing on this damn thing weekly, I will also be adding a weekly recap to my post every Monday to show how many hours I spent reading during the week in an attempt to hold myself accountable.

Lets see how this goes and Happy Reading!

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