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Grow With Me: Navigating the worlds of Books and Social Media

When I first started my bookstagram account is was simply to share my love of reading with others and discover new books, but then I became obsessed with my follower count, which led to me not posting anymore because no matter what I did, I didn’t gain any new followers.

But now I’m kind of starting over. I’ve made some amazing friends through the book community, discovered books I never would’ve considered reading before, and have gotten book boxes, gone to book signings, all of which I never would have heard of without bookstagram!

So as of today, I have 1,757 Instagram followers, which truly is not a lot considering how long I’ve had this account. But I realized I want to do both: grow my following AND fall in love with books and meet new people.

I am considering transferring my platform over to TikTok as well, which is going to be a whole new platform to navigate, but I figured this would be something I want to document. I want to learn from YOU, and also possibly teach a thing or two that I learn along the way, and truly connect with other readers. For now though, I plan to start posting some reels on IG and see how I like the video aspect of documenting books and go from there.

I’m excited for this new social media journey – and I’m going to try my damn hardest to not make it a chore but a fun little side hobby, and about books of course.

Happy Reading!

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