Monthly Wrap-up/TBR

Six Month Reading Wrap Up

I cannot believe how fast this year is going by! We’re already half way done! This year I’ve been listening to audiobooks a lot more, and have been renting the books on my shelf to listen to while I’m driving or at work, before switching back to the physical copy while at home. I find… Continue reading Six Month Reading Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap-up/TBR

2021: New Year, New Reading Goals

It's a brand new year! And a new year means new goals! My first two goals are the same ones I have every year, be consistent on here, and on instagram. I'm slowly improving on the instagram one, but I still fall way behind on here. My goal for the first few months of 2021… Continue reading 2021: New Year, New Reading Goals


My Reading Bullet Journal

Today I wanted to walk you through how I use my bullet journal to track my reading! If you're unfamiliar with a Bullet Journal its a daily planner system that you can easily customize to your individuals needs. To learn more about the bullet journal system check out the website here. In my journal I… Continue reading My Reading Bullet Journal